Biz Coaching


Starting a business isn’t easy, and it sure can be lonely. In our four month group coaching you’ll walk away from our program with new accountability buddies, the tools in your tool kit and the confidence to run your business like the #ladyboss you are.Think of me as your biggest advocate, your chief marketing officer and your accountability buddy. I’ll be your good cop and your bad cop and the person you can bounce ideas off of. I only want to work with people that are a hell yes, so are you a hell yes? The group starts on June 20th, a deposit must be received by April 20th.

“I enrolled in Emily’s program the month I quit my day job to pursue my side hustle full time. She helped me set an infrastructure, identify my goals and priorities, and understand my responsibilities. Entrepreneurship is an emotional road, filled with highs and lows. Emily approached her role as coach with empathy and grace – gently pushing when I needed it, but also cheering me on every step of the way. She was a confidant,  a cheerleader, a brainstormer, a scape goat, a hustler, a friend, and a partner. She kept me accountable and changed the way I think about my time. I can confidently say Emily’s program catalyzed my growth and contributed to the 4x increase/six months in both clients and social following. I am very grateful I signed on for coaching with Emily, so early on in my business' life.”- Annie Heath, Founder - Ida Blooms

“Emily is a natural born leader. Leader of other to success, that is. She is a hustler, and will show you how you too can hustle your way to success in all areas of your life, not just business. I learned how to be a better friend, how to be a better boss, how to be a better networker, and how to successfully launch a business with very little resources. She is the definition of boss babe, and sweet soul, and an ultimate cheerleader and champion. I am forever grateful for the time I had with Emily, as a mentor, and friend. Even when things were very difficult for me, she never gave up on trying to get me to see the positive side of things and helping me identify my potential and growth. I was able to leverage every connection I made through SDS from friendship to business collaboration which never felt salesy or forced - everything happened organically with the tools I learned from Emily.” - Lauren Volper, WineUp

“Before working with Emily I felt lost running my business and didn’t know how to move forward. I had gotten help with an online course, but really wanted to level up with a coach who could help me play bigger, who had been in my shoes.. After feeling so cared for in our initial call, I knew she was the right person to help me take Brazen to new heights. While working together, Emily helped me totally revamp my business structure, advertising and events, and I went from having very few clients to a dozen in four months.

The money I invested in our coaching was well worth the results, and I would highly recommend hiring her as your coach if you’re looking to build a thriving, joyful business.” - Lily Womble, Founder of Date Brazen

What We’ll Tackle in 4 Months:

  • Setting up your business (SEO, registering with Google, Quickbooks, Lawyers, Accountants, Credit Card and Billing systems)

  • Website Support: Helping make smart/clear decisions and integrations for your website

  • Optimizing your time: How to work smarter not harder and still make boat loads of money

  • How to create multiple revenue streams for your business

  • Marketing: Setting you up on all your channels (FB Page, Instagram, Linkedin, Mailchimp, etc)

  • Partnerships: How to leverage your brand for partnerships and brand awareness

  • Building your community: Growing your following, getting more customers, spreading the word, referrals

  • Knowing your worth and charging it! Setting you up for success

  • Getting clear on your message: Owning what you’ve created and communicating it clearly

  • Introductions: Getting you introduced to everyone you need to know

Time commitment and structure:

  • 4 month commitment

  • 3 monthly 80 minute group calls via zoom

  • 1 monthly private 45 minute call

  • Max 8 people per group

  • Weekly email support


  • Pay in full $3,400 or payment plan of 3 payments (payment plan has a 10% interest cost)

  • If payment plan is selected we require a 2 month deposit of $1,870 to start, followed by 2 monthly payments of $935


  • 4 month Six Degrees Society membership: unlimited events, 2 monthly guest passes ($240 value)


  • All calls will take place over zoom

  • Call time will be determined once everyone begins