Emily Merrell


Build a business you love

Have you always wanted to be an entrepreneur but didn’t know how to begin? Do you feel stuck by analysis and aren’t quite sure how to get that momentum to get started. Well, I’ve been there and am here to help. Having created my side hustle while working full-time and turning it into a profitable 6 figure business through multiple income streams, it’s my turn to show you how.



Check out my 4 month program where we work one-on-one to grow your business and get you unstuck. Think of me as your CMO who is just as excited and passionate about seeing your business success as you are.



I’m passionate about talking about networking and helping businesses and individuals network better. From intermixers to corporate breakfasts, I’m available to chat about building networks and how to tap them.

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Ready to build an online community and bring it from online to offline? In this course I’ll show you how to build an online community from scratch and to successfully plan your first event on a very small budget.

What Our clients are saying…

"I started working with Emily when I realized my business had hit a plateau. I felt like I had so many thoughts on how to move my business along, but was not getting anywhere on gaining any real traction. Within the first week of working with her, I was already feeling like I was gaining momentum. She helped me develop game plans while giving me actionable homework each week to make sure I was following through on reaching the goals we established. She held me accountable while also acted as my biggest cheerleader to get me excited about making all these new strides. She pushed me outside of my boundaries, but in the best way to help me grow my business. After working with her, my social media strategy has improved significantly and I've gained a significant following. I also achieved one of the short term goals we planned out, which was to land a speaking opportunity. I would highly recommend anyone to work with Emily because she's a problem solver and gives you catered approaches to help you and your business succeed in the best way it needs!" - Sarah Duff, Founder of S. Duff Media


Hey, I’m Emily

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I'm Chief Networker and Founder of Six Degrees Society. People also (lovingly) refer to me as "20 questions" because I've always loved figuring out people's stories.

While working in the fashion industry, I dreamt up a place where individuals could come together from all industries, all backgrounds and show up who they are -- unapologetically.  Nothing makes me happier connecting people who could mutually make each other's lives more enjoyable.

In addition to Six Degrees Society, I also work with companies, founders, and more who are looking to build a strong community of their own, plan retreats to inspire their own teams, or need a mentor in their own business journey.